English History and Other TV Shows

I have been very excited lately with the choice of interesting TV shows and documentaries they are showing on American television.   One of my all time favorites, like a lot of people, is Masterpiece Theater.  The latest historical offering is Wolf Hall.  It’s very well done.  I’m not sure how accurate it is, but I do find it entertaining, interesting and a new take on a subject that’s been done a lot in the past.  From Thomas Cromwell’s perspective.  I couldn’t help feeling for him in the beginning: a poor man who has raised himself up to such a high place in the English court of the King.  The blue bloods of the time were furious that he rose to such power due to his talent and intelligence.

I didn’t grow up learning English history like I did American history, though all of it is questionable.  I think it was and is human nature to not stick to the facts as far as history goes.  “You can’t handle the truth”!  I’m pretty sure, just because it’s the way things are, that he was as good and as bad as all of us are.  Watch the series on PBS, it’s compelling and if nothing else a good story, great English iconic buildings and costumes.

Another great show that I’ve been watching is on Netflix called A Time to Remember.  It’s a compilation of old Pathe film that was shot starting at the turn of the last century and captures amazing film of life in Britain and around the world.  From early airplanes, war, theater and every thing in between.  Really captivating and nice to see this original film preserved and shown. 

If you haven’t watched the comedy Moone Boy, you are missing a hysterical show.  It’s actually an Irish show and it chronicles the daily life of a preteen boy with an imaginary friend played brilliantly by Chris O’Dowd.  Just watch it, you’ll love it.

Is it just me or are the British obsessed with murder?  There are so many murder mystery and crime dramas out that it makes your head spin. I found over 220 just in doing research for this article!  I love it!!

A few fun ones are Midsomer Murders, Inspector Lewis, New Tricks, Sherlock, Rosemary and Thyme and of course Miss Marple.  A few of the more serious and interesting are Broadchurch, Whitechapel, Happy Valley, Foyle’s War and The Bletchly Circle.  That isn’t counting all of the really top notch spy shows:  MI5, Page Eight and Spy which is a comedy.


2 thoughts on “English History and Other TV Shows

  1. You might be interested to know that relatives of Oliver Cromwell live in Billingshurst, all the boys have the name Oliver as their middle name and they are friends of Neil. They have some of his belongings, including a Roundhead helmet. Neil’s particular friend to this day is Tim (Timothy Oliver Cromwell). Tim put it on Neil’s head once and it was full of preservative grease, yuk, and worth a fortune and they were horsing around with it in the cobblers where they both work. How’s that for fame, lol. Incidentally, the original Oliver coined the phrase, ‘Warts and all,’ because when he had his portrait painted he said, paint me as I am, warts and all! Neil said, that’s how Tim likes to be painted, hahahah. His sister Sarah did ballet with Claire.


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