Coming To You Through a Nice Haze of Jet Lag

It’s always nice to come home after a vacation with lovely memories to tide you over until the next trip.   We did and saw so many things and many of our plans did not happen.  We never made it to the Tate Modern or the Tower Bridge Experience.   The things we did do though were spontaneous and enriching.

Leaving for England (2)

The best part of this particular trip over to England was sharing it, finally, with my husband.  There were things that he didn’t appreciate, like the crowds of people in London.  However, there was much more that he really appreciated.  He actually told me that he now understands my passion better!  Happy day, he’s already talking about our next trip over!

Of course the time passed too quickly.  I will be writing about all of the wonderful things we got to see and do.  The most important of which were the people we know and love and the complete strangers that we got to interact with.  Neil started conversations with people on the train, on the street and wherever we went. Unusual for my normally private husband, but like I said before “traveling changes you”.

7 thoughts on “Coming To You Through a Nice Haze of Jet Lag

  1. I’m so glad you had such a lovely holiday-sure do miss my trips to England. I truly enjoyed reading about your visiting the beautiful areas
    in and about London…But my favorite is still the countryside and of course Wales.


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