The Time Has (almost) Come


Our departure time is almost here and it’s the time when everything is in a frenzy and you know you’ll never be ready in time. We leave one week from today and I got the passports out of the safe box almost in a panic. I keep having this thought that I’ll forget or the bank can’t get the vault door open or there will be some other catastrophe that keeps us from catching the plane!

Now I am not a nervous person, I pretty much feel like everything will work out and it usually does.  So I’m a little surprised that I’ve let the media reports get to me a bit.  We actually made a simple will because if the worse were to happen, we’re going together.  Of course now that we’ve made the will all will be well.  If we didn’t then….

So, I’ve bought a few new comfortable things, a few gifts, special requests and travel sized toiletries.  Taken down the suitcases and dusted those off, ordered a few British pounds and picked the airline seats.  Now it’s just a matter of waiting on pins and needles.  


6 thoughts on “The Time Has (almost) Come

  1. If it helps at all, I get like that twice a year every time we go on holiday. I think it’s pretty normal to think, ‘I bet I’ll be on the flight the nutters will pick.’ But I sat in Twickenham Stadium a couple of weeks back, 3 days running, and watched flights overhead coming in every 90 seconds, safe and well. Security is on severe alert here, and USA has always been tough, so …… see you next week old girl!


  2. Have a wonderful time, and eat a pasty and drink a cup of Tea for me. Also please say hello to everyone . I truly miss my favorite holiday place to be -ENGLAND!!! Have a safe trip, Love Jean


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