Plans Are Starting to Form

So a few plans are starting to take shape about our upcoming trip to England.   I think in the back of most American’s minds is a vision of England that is a cross between medieval and Victorian times.   Something quaint and endearing.  Although it definitely does have some of that, it’s also just as up to date as the rest of the world.

I’ve said before that my husband isn’t really interested in history.   So I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of things that he will be interested in and want to go back for future visits.

Here are a few of the things I’ve come up with that he has agreed to go see aside from visiting with family and friends and of course all of the amazing food.

London Sightseeing Bus Tour

This is the best way to get a general view of the city.   I like the live commentators and you can get on and off if you see something you’d like to explore.   A lovely first day in London excursion.

The Tower Bridge Exhibition

This has something for both of us because of the history and the mechanics.  He loves anything with an engine, especially if it races, but you can’t have everything!

The slides at the Tate Modern

So I put “Modern London” in the search bar for Pinterest and the Tate Modern Slides came up.  I showed it to my husband along with a few video clips from YouTube and he is in!

The Tower of London tour

This may be historical, but the tour here is fantastic, done with humor, especially at American’s expense and I think he’ll find it interesting.

The Garden Museum in Lambeth

My husband who has never been interested in gardening has lately become quite good at all of the tasks required to keep a garden looking good.  He loves the food we grow and sitting out in the garden of an evening, having an iced glass of tea and just surveying the beauty.  I don’t think I’ll have to drag him to this one.

So this last week,  my darling cousin Marcie and her husband Dale, came up from San Diego for their annual visit.  We talked, cooked, drank wine, and canned an enormous amount of food. The other thing we do when she comes for a visit is watch British tellie and talk about past and future trips over.   She wanted to know everything we have planned and asked a ton of questions, giving us a few ideas along the way.  I truly wish they were joining us because I know that she longs to be there just as I do.   The  fun thing for us to remember though is that I can share this trip with her through conversation, photos and memories.   I look forward to the same when the two of them make their next journey in a year or two.

Please comment with any recommendations you may have, you may see my perspective in a future blog with a big thank you attached!



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