My next trip to Blighty

It’s happening, I’m finally planning another visit to England and I couldn’t be happier! This one was actually my husband, Neil’s idea.  He asked me if I would like to go with him, he figured that since I wasn’t going to grow out of this obsession with England phase, he should check it out as well.  I am ecstatic, especially since he’s never shown any interest in going before now.

We have been married for almost 39 years and the last time we took a real vacation, just the 2 of us, was our honeymoon. We went skiing at Mammoth Mountain in Southern California.  I had to take lessons because I had never been, he had raced the cornice there.  I was more interested in the food, Burger’s Burger’s (is that place still there?)  yum.  It just seemed that after that, we started a life together, had 3 daughters, and then it was kids and dogs, and going on trips with other families.  When our kids got big enough to leave, we either went away with other couples or separately.  You see, I like history and food and culture, he lives and breathes auto racing. You can see my surprise here.  But he really does seem interested in going this time and I aim to show him all of the things that make me long to be there.

Billingshurst print by Patricia Hall, it hangs in my living room to remind me of where my family hale from.

So, we will spend a few days visiting cousins and friends and London, then just take off, the two of us.  We are not making a firm plan, but waking up and just seeing which direction we feel like taking that day and then heading that way.  We’ll use the excellent Information Service that seemingly, every city, town and village has.

Of course, he’ll have to see London Tower, take the bus tour and, keeping my fingers crossed, The Garden Museum.  If these things don’t entertain him, there is always this:

We are going in September, but he will have a good time looking out for this sort of thing!  I’m hoping there is a tour of the Goodwood Estate and that we can prevail upon my cousins to take us:)  At any rate, I have a fantastic holiday to look forward to, people to see and places to go.  New ideas to write about and a completely different perspective.  Going with someone that has absolutely no idea what to expect will help me see my beloved island through new eyes,  from someone that I love and admire, it doesn’t get any better than that!

7 thoughts on “My next trip to Blighty

    • Thank you Lin, have you and Richard ever been? I know you said it was close to your place. I haven’t really checked it out. I was wondering if they have an auto or racing museum?


      • We’ve never been to the actual races but we have been outside the stadium to picnic with the kids. There are lovely greens with wonderful views of the South Downs in that area. It’s not far from the hospital where you visited me and where Richard was treated. We will definitely check it out for you. As you and Neil are such a close couple, how could he fail to love what you love 🙂


  1. You both should have a wonderful time exploring and enjoying England.
    Especially the warm hospitality of the english people…
    Have a glorious trip to one of my favorite journeys…


  2. I love that picture of the village green. It is one of the better ones I have seen, in fact I think it is the best! Your ancestors will have definitely trod that Sussex Stone slab path as it leads to the church, and the Ten Steps would have been difficult to manage in old age. Makes me want to weep nostalgic tears.


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