Travel Dreams

I’m always surprised when I talk to people that don’t like to travel or worse,  aren’t interested in seeing other places.  Sure, I can see where the hassle of airports can be tedious.  However, I have somehow incorporated that into part of the experience. I actually think about the 3 or 4 hours I will have to wait and I plan for it.  Snacks, my kindle.  I walk around and find a restaurant that I like the look of and plant my self in a cozy spot right in the middle of my stay at the airport.  Then I have a very leisurely meal with a book or chat with whomever I happen to be traveling with.  There is also the people watching aspect.  Being a person with a fairly active imagination, I love to make up little stories in my mind about the people around me, probably completely wrong, but still it’s entertaining and passes the time.

I can’t remember a time in my life that I didn’t want to go some where and see something.  The funny thing is when I think of some of the famous tourist destinations, I’m not so keen on going to those. I don’t mind seeing them from afar, but to get in the middle of the throng of other tourists, then try to get close enough, long enough to really check something out, not so much.  Of course there are those can’t miss places in the world;  the Colosseum,  the Tower of London,  the Pyramids, etc.

When I was in high school, I got it into my mind that I wanted to be an airline stewardess.  It was my dream, I talked about it all the time.   I was going to work for the airline and then I could go anywhere in the world.   My mother, ever the practical one, tried to dissuade me.  She said that a stewardess really is only a glorified waitress.  I wouldn’t actually get to see anything, I would be working and if I did get to stay overnight I would be too tired to enjoy the place.  Still I was not swayed.  Being the amazing parents that they were though, they generously paid for a correspondence course so I could learn everything I needed to know, go to Saint Louis for training and then have my dream job.

Of course, I was just graduating high school and I met a boy and the whole thing went out the window!  I couldn’t possibly leave him.  It was my first serious relationship and I didn’t want to end it.  He didn’t last, I never became a stewardess but I still retain the dream to travel and see many places before I’m too old to be able to navigate.  Yet I go to England every chance I get because I love it so much.  There is only so much time I can get away from work and never enough money to freely go wherever.  I don’t actually mind and will continue to take virtual tours until a time when the heavens collide and I have both the time and the money.  Then watch out world!

I will be visiting an old farmhouse in Tuscany where I can watch a chef cook our meals, visit a vineyard and an olive oil factory. Tour the countryside and sit in the garden with a glass of red wine breathing in the warm fragrant air.  Next I am taking a cruise down the fjords of the northern countries and feasting my eyes on the sumptuous scenery. After this maybe Austria where my husbands family is from,  he needs to see where he came from.  The list goes on with France, Israel, Czechoslovakia, Iceland, Ireland and Scotland in no particular order.  I will see the Pyramids,  visit the gardens of Japan, take a photo safari in Africa, and go to Machu Picchu.

Such are my travel dreams!  What about you?


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