The Cotswolds and back to London

September 28th, 2001

We’re headed back to London and Fox Hill today.  We’ve seen so many wonderful things in spite of the cloud hanging over us back home.  First, we stop at a quaint little town with a river running through it.  The town is Bourton on the Water and the river is River Windrush.  Such a descriptive, beautiful name! I read that this city is called the “Venice of England”.  There are beautiful walking paths all around the town and many activities listed in our tour book.

We found a fun Christmas shop here and I got a couple of ornaments that are still favorites today.  We also came across a Scottish wool store.  I bought a lovely red plaid blanket (which one of my dogs has chewed up since)  I think I need to go back and get another, don’t you?  I got my husband a traditional wool cap that he still wears.

The drive is long, but the roads are good and the country is gorgeous!  Our car looks like we are living in it, piled high with our luggage and purchases!  We arrive back in London and drive straight to Fox Hill, now that we are old hands at driving, we even managed to find this place in London.  Quite a feat if you’ve ever been there as a foreign driver!

We arrived back around 2:30 to discover that although Sue and Tim have plans to go away for the weekend, they have decided to stay this last night with us and make us dinner.  Their German student Ann is also leaving so it’s is a double bon voyage celebration!

It’s nice to visit with Sue again.  We have come to England to see the sites and meet our cousins after my family search revealed them.  We feel that we’ve also made lifelong friends in the Haighs!

They both prepare us an exquisite dinner; a fine Merlot, sliced roast beef, marinated mushrooms, roasted potatoes, peas with zucchini and mint that are a surprise meshing of flavors.  Then comes the pièce de résistance, Lemon pudding with clotted cream!  OMG, decadent, lucky we can’t get clotted cream easily here, I’d be in trouble.


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