Busy summer

I have been off the grid and have hardly had time to write or read any of my blog friend’s posts.  What a busy summer!  First, we got the garden in and if you live in the north, you know you have to make every second count when the weather is nice!  I got to go to a lovely garden walk with some friends and got a great tip for my kiwi. I planted some things that I haven’t tried to grow before.  Beets, swiss chard, artichokes, asparagus.  I also tried our favorites, lettuce, tomatoes, basil, carrots, leeks, potatoes.  For the first time in four years my grape arbor is loaded with grapes, kind of jazzed about that!

The main event in my summer was the wedding of my youngest daughter.  What a fabulous week we had in San Diego visiting family and friends, eating our way through the week and then experiencing all of the related events to the wedding.  It was flawless and we all had such a good time.

A week or so after that my lovely cousin Marcie came for her annual visit.   She comes every summer so that we can can tuna together.  It’s the best and freshest tuna I’ve ever eaten!  My friend Suzanne taught me this skill and so I pass it on to my cousin and now we do it together every summer.  This year we also put up some excellent dill pickles, spiced beets and Ukrainian Garlic Dills that you make on the counter in a large pickle jar and brine.  They all turned out exquisite.  Waiting now for the tomatoes to ripen.  There is an excellent sounding recipe for canning roasted roma tomatoes.  If you’ve ever roasted tomatoes, you will appreciate a way to preserve them.  Another lesson from my friend Suzanne who in my opinion should have her own cooking show!  Nevermind that though, I would miss the amazing meals she serves to those of us she loves. lol

At any rate, Marcie and I spent a good portion of our time talking about England and all of our visits there together.  We also talked about any future visits we might be dreaming of and pondered the wonder of going somewhere else in the world!  It’s kind of funny to us that we we haven’t taken the time and money to see other parts of the world.  Both of us love different cultures and are open to learning about how regular people live as opposed to travel shows.  We both want to go to France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Holland.  I would love some day to sail the Fjords and check out Austrailia and Japan.  Also, India.  I would love to go to India.   The landscape, the colors, the food!

It’s obvious that we need to play the lotto to make those dreams come true.  In the meantime, we both long to go back to a well loved country where we feel at home at the same time as experiencing a different culture.  When you can do this with people you like and admire, it’s golden!

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