The soup recipe!

Well, I have to say that although I expected everyone to find the soup recipe intriguing, I’m amazed by how many likes I got for it.  It is fabulously delicious and pretty easy to make.

To give credit where credit is due, this is the recipe that I got from my dear friend Sue at Fox Hill B&B.  I did Americanize it because it’s easier for me to follow the measurements that I learned  rather than  try to convert them in my head while I’m in the middle of making something.

I’ve made this at my sister in-laws house using a standard jar blender because we didn’t have an immersion blender. You can make it work, but it was a bit more difficult because it was hot.  It was still delicious though, so whatever works.

All of the likes for this recipe prove once again that ” it’s all about the food”!

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